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Wearing and using your Invisalign aligners

We offer individualised treatment for all dental defects.

Here are some tips to help ensure proper use and avoid damaging your aligners.

1. Wear your aligners as per your dental practitioner’s instructions, usually 20-22 hours per day.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling your aligners.

3. Handle only ONE aligner at a time.

4. Rinse your aligners when removing them from the packaging.

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Use and care instructions for your Invisalign aligners.

1. Make sure you have the proper aligner – the upper for your top teeth and the lower for your bottom teeth.

2. To help avoid confusion, each aligner is engraved with your unique case number, a “U” for upper and an “L” for lower, followed by the stage number.

3. You may insert either the upper or lower aligner first. When inserting each aligner, gently push the aligners over your front teeth. Then apply equal pressure, using your fingertips, to the tops of your left and right molars (back teeth) until the aligner snaps into place.

4. Do NOT bite your aligners into position. This may damage them.

1. On one side of your mouth, use your fingertip on the inside of your back molar to slowly pull the aligner from your molars.

2. Repeat this process on the other side of your mouth before trying to completely remove the aligner.

3. Once the aligner is disengaged from the molars on both sides of your mouth, you should be able to slowly work your way forward gently prying the aligner away from your teeth with your fingertips.

What dental problems can you correct with Invisalign®?

1. Crowded teeth

2. Spaced teeth

3. Reverse occlusion

4. Cross occlusion

5. overcoat

6. Open occlusion

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Invisalign® results

Take notes:

Invisalign® treatment steps

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Your orthodontist will create a 3D model of your teeth with iTero Element® - a top digital scanner from Invisalign® manufacturers.

Step 1

Order braces

With the help of ClinCheck® software, your orthodontist will make the necessary alignments so that your teeth are perfectly straight and will create a 100% custom dental appliance model for you.

Step 2

Periodic inspections

Your orthodontist will periodically monitor the progress of your dental alignments and make sure your teeth straighten as planned. Periodic checks take only a few minutes.

Step 3
Klinika ortholux tirane

Check the evolution of the smile

Whenever you want, during the treatment, you can check the evolution of your smile through the My Invisalign application.

Step 4
Klinika ortholux tirane

You will have a new smile

After about 6 months, depending on the evolution, the orthodontist will tell you if additional splints are needed and will make sure that you have the smile you wanted.

Step 5
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Keep your smile

At the end of the treatment you will receive a restraint device - a transparent plastic gutter. It will help you keep your teeth aligned.

Step 6
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